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You all are amazing and I cannot tell you thank you enough for the joy that has been brought to many of my residents through our partnership. I think that dental is part of a new life for residents because often times we forget about certain elements of care. Being able to have a dental provider, is a huge prospective that we are truly caring for a whole person and we are making them the best that they can be.

Le’ann B.

Executive Director Memory Care Facility

We were lacking a full service dental provider, until recently when we discovered Spa Creek Dental.  They are the total package!  Not only do they provide a convenient way for our residents to receive comprehensive dental care, but they are also trained in dementia care to be able to really interact with our memory care residents.  We’ve always had happy residents at Heritage Green, but there are even more beautiful smiles thanks to Spa Creek Dental.

Heather P.

Executive Director Assisted Living Facility

I just returned from my mother’s (Elisabeth Torosian) cleaning with Karen at Greenfield’s Assisted Living of Fredericksburg. In the past, my wife has accompanied my mother to the dentist, and has assisted the hygienist by holding my mother’s mouth open, and keeping her calm during her exam and cleaning. This morning, Karen was able to perform the procedure without any help. I was absolutely amazed. She has the gift for working with Alzheimer’s patients, and it was a very positive experience for my mother. Thank you to Karen for her great service.

Michael T.

Family Member

Their team offers great services that are provided to the residents in our facility. They even provide care at patient’s bedsides if needed. Our residents look forward to being seen by their team.

Director of Social Services

Virginia Elder Care is not just about providing great smiles for residents, they also provide timely service and meet the needs of families and residents with great empathy and compassion. I personally believe that they take great pride in what they do and are efficient in meeting the needs of our facility in emergency situations.

Director of Social Services

Spa Creek Dental has been a great partner to our facility! Virginia Elder Care’s team is always helpful and easy to communicate with. Their dental hygienist, Janey, does a great job and treats all of our residents with dignity and respect. Ensuring that our residents receive regular dental care has enabled us to improve and maintain their quality of life. We recommend Spa Creek Dental.

Director of Social Services

I would like to recognize that the dental services being provided contractually by their team, are provided at no charge to our facility. Their company provides a comprehensive dental program to residents in our facility that address potential unseen dental problems, that could prove detrimental to our elderly population. A comprehensive in house dental program offers great benefits to both the families and residents here in the facility. This service shows their commitment to the well-being and high level of care that we want to offer to our residents both internally and with partnerships from outside services providers. I would highly recommend this provider for your facility.

Director of Discharge Planning

I am the dining services manager. I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the notes you leave in our resident’s charts. The notes tell me the oral status of each resident, which has helped me become proactive in preventing weight loss, by recommending changes in each patient’s diet consistency. These notes make my job easier. Thank you for your work.

Thank you for your work.

Registered Dietitian

Their team have proved to be invaluable in providing preventive dental care for our residents. They’ve made dental care accessible to residents who may have a hard time going to appointments in the community. Their team is also quick to respond to urgent dental needs.

Director of Social Services