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Facility Services

Spa Creek Dental

By partnering with Spa Creek you can:

  • Reduce RTH by addressing oral health concerns and preventing future risks
  • Demonstrate value to resident families by arranging a convenient means for residents to receive care
  • Respond to dental emergencies with a licensed professional on-site as needed
  • In-service training available for your staff


On-Site Care

Many of your residents are not eager or capable to make a trip to the dentist’s office by themselves. They may require special transportation or their family may need to take time off of work to bring them. For others who have significant memory care issues or are bedridden, a trip to an outside dentist may simply not be an option.

With Spa Creek Dental arranging the services to be provided, they will be able to be seen on-site at your facility, where they are comfortable with their surroundings and the disruption to their daily routine is minimized. Spa Creek can coordinate flexible scheduling with the residents and their families and will process all insurance claims for the family. Additionally, we can collect the dental records from their former dental office upon request to make the transition easier.

We will coordinate care directly with your staff and house doctors on each resident’s personalized treatment plan. We will handle all of the legwork surrounding billing, insurance, and communication with the resident families.

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