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About Spa Creek Dental

Spa Creek Dental is working to improve the health of senior living residents and make life easier for their families by arranging oral hygiene services on-site to seniors. Spa Creek’s program can save your family and your facility from the time, money, and hassle of arranging for transportation to an outside dentist.

Treating your loved one as part of our family

Our dental partners truly care about your loved one’s experience, safety, and comfort.

Combining experience with passion

Want to hear what others are saying about Spa Creek Dental and their dental partners?

“Their team offers great services that are provided to the residents in our facility. Our residents look forward to being seen by their team.”


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Poor oral health among seniors can lead to pain, infection, malnutrition, and serious illness.

One of the greatest barriers to good oral health is maintaining proper daily oral hygiene. Let us help you bridge the gap by arranging dental care on-site at your facility.